Interior Painting Ideas for Your Bedroom

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You don’t want to wake up in a bedroom that has absolutely no personality and looks dull and boring, do you? Well, then its high time you take charge of bringing your bedroom back to life by selecting an appropriate interior colour scheme. Here are some exciting interior painting ideas for bedrooms provided by professional Halifax interior painters.

1. Dark tones

Modern interior designers claim that it is a myth that all dark colors will make your bedroom appear smaller. Also, there is no harm in a bedroom looking slightly smaller since it’s a private space and is used primarily for sleeping. Dark tones such as teal, gray and deep purple, when used on a single wall, can actually lend a distinctive personality to your room. Accentuate this wall with a painting or mirror and make it stand out even more. Dark colors can actually help create a cozy and warm vibe in your bedroom.

2. Retro shades

If you are a fan of everything ‘retro’, then don’t shy away from embracing this style in your bedroom too! Yes, you can achieve the retro look in your big master bedroom by incorporating shades of orange and pink. You can also use these colors to create patterned walls and compliment the look with white-painted wood furniture. Don’t forget to add curtains that go with this fun retro theme!

3. Cool blues

If you’re not sharing your bedroom and like it to reflect your free and independent spirit, then interior painters in Halifax suggest using shades of blue and green on your walls. If you’re a single woman, you could think of a peacock theme for your room. Combine light and dark shades of blue and green to create a sophisticated modern look in your bedroom.

4. Hello sunshine!

For those who love everything bright, cheery and sunny, there is nothing better than bright or creamy yellow in the bedroom. Consider painting the wall behind your bed in a nice shade of yellow and it will instantly brighten up your entire bedroom. White and yellow complement each other beautifully. So if you have white furniture/accessories in your bedroom, this is a brilliant color to use on one of your walls.

Tip: Avoid painting all the room walls in shades of yellow as it might appear too overwhelming and dark.

5. Gray and black

Married couples in their 30s and 40s and even single men often like to stick to the classic gray and black theme for their bedroom walls. According to Halifax interior painters, this color scheme lends sophistication and warmth to the room and is ideal for big-sized, modern bedrooms which can also serve as an entertainment area for small friends and family gatherings.

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