How to configure your Canadian SHOUTcast hosting service

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To get your radio station operational, start by ensuring you have a reliable SHOUTcast hosting provider. Then install SHOUTcast broadcasting software on your computer. To begin broadcasting your channel, all it takes is a simple step which involves downloading the latest version of Winamp.

Once the DSP has been installed, you can open Winamp’s preferences and select the DSP/Effects subcategory found in the Plug-ins menu. You will know SHOUTcast Broadcast DSP Plug-in has been properly installed when you can view ‘Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.3.2’ in the panel on the right.

SHOUTcast Source DSP

For SHOUTcast, choose the ‘Output’ tab above the DSP window. Choose ‘Output 1’ from the options menu and enter in all the below fields correctly.

  • Address: Here enter the IP address provided to you via email from SHOUTcast. Ensure that you enter the correct server IP otherwise you will be unable to make a connection to begin with SHOUTcast.
  • Port: Here you must type in the port number shared with you in your introductory email. It should contain 4 digits and should be set again to ensure that you are able to create a connection for SHOUTcast.
  • Password: Here you are required to put in the encoder password sent to you through email. Enter the password in this field and ensure no mistakes are made. One of the usual mistakes is committed when using the copy and paste method (due to a space being added while pasting).

Your Directory Setup

Select the Directory option above where the previous information was entered. If you wish for your own server to get listed on SHOUTcast’s directory, select ‘Make this server public’ box and enter in the correct information in the correct manner. Ensure you select ‘Enable Title Updates’ with the two options saying ‘Auto’ so that you can display to listeners the name of each song being played.

Steps for Encoder settings include:

  1. Selecting the ‘Encoder’ tab on top of the DSP window.
  2. Ensuring the ‘Encoder 1’ option has been selected.
  3. Set your Encoder type to either MP3 or AAC+ as our servers provide support for each format.
  4. MP3 audio might be received well and will soon be compatible with any media player in the market. Streams that are AAC+ in format are compatible just with Windows Media Player and Winamp, however at much lower qualities. Choose accordingly.
  5. Under Encoder settings, choose the bitrate bought ensuring that the line selected has ‘Stereo’ in the end so that individual sounds are heard from the speakers.
  6. Next select the ‘Input’ Tab on top of the DSP window. Choose Winamp as your Input Device.
  7. Then return to the ‘Output’ tab in the DSP window. Choose Output 1 and then select connect. The box should read a time as well as a number of bytes sent message.
    Congratulations! You are now ready for Canadian SHOUTcast hosting!

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